More movie shirts – but where are MY favorite movies?

Arcane is another company specializing in movie tees and some of them are not bad at all. I guess you can tell what movies all these are from, right?

Here’s what I want to know though: it seems like all movies of my youth are turned into shirts, except for a few. Here are some movies I want to see shirts from (and not just the poster on a shirt, but the kind that Arcane do so well, the understated ones that require knowledge of the movie):

Pump up the Volume (how ’bout a Huber Humphrey High shirt? Or just a Happy Harry Hard-on?)
The Breakfast Club (yeah, Arcane has one – I don’t like it)
Heathers (I’m a Slater fan, what can I say)
Subway (just put Le Rolleur and Gros Bill on a shirt and I’ll be happy)
The 13th Warrior (although what this would look like, I have no idea)

I mean… there’s gotta be geeks out there that love other movies than Star Wars and Blade Runner, right?

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