All bound for Mu Mu land – KLF shirts (and the lack thereof)

Remember me saying we’d get back to KLF shirts? Well, we’re not there yet (actually, I just discovered Delicious fucked me over and ate all my KLF (and others) bookmarks so I’m back to square one on that), but here’s one to keep you going in the meantime. The fact that it’s one of those “compose your own shirt” sites selling it makes me hesitate a bit though, and they only give you really crappy color options…

RUN DMC variations (which was another thing I’d been saving bookmarks for) are plentiful, though they usually come on black shirts. KLF shirts… not so plentiful. I’m still amazed by the lack of good reproductions of classic KLF shirts, seing how outrageously expensive vintage ones become on eBay.

So if, like me, you dig this shirt, you can get it here.

They called me up in Tennessee
They said “Tammy, stand by The Jams”
But if you don’t like what they’re going to do,
You better not stop them ’cause they’re coming through

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