Hips. And Hair.

Ok, so, no more fucking around, let’s get back to shirts, shall we?

Hips and hair, a small brand out of Venice, CA (personally, I’ve only been there once and I was too young to judge, I just liked to surf (I have no idea why I’m telling you this – probably just to brag about having been to Venice Beach. Sad)).

So what can I say? Mixing iconography, putting Darth’s face on Marilyn… hell, it’s not like it’s never done before. Then again, it’s 2011 – if things haven’t been done by now, it’s often because they’re really bad ideas, so… why not. I kinda like some of these actually.

One thing I don’t like though? That lame Yahoo store solution. What, fucking Verizon couldn’t hook you up with an online store? Yeah, I know Geocities shut down, maybe like MySpace could sort you out? I wouldn’t give my fucking library card number to that mickey mouse store of yours and I don’t care how huge Yahoo are, ok?

5 Responses to Hips. And Hair.

  1. Anonymous says:

    your an asshole.

    • Well… thay may be. But at least I put my name under MY statements. Plus, I’m betting I’m not the only one who feels this way – may be worth a bit for this guy to find out his shop solution isn’t exactly trust instilling – maybe sales would go up if something less crappy-looking was used?

      …or was it just a general observation, not related to this text. If so, then… yeah yeah, whatever.

  2. hipsandhair says:

    if you know another way to create a decent functioning online store, that has a back end of shipping, invoice, inventory, and payment protection, e-mail me…not crazy on the yahoo address myself, just have never found a better solution without forking over $1k to do it.


  3. Ah, hello.

    Can I tell you one right off the bat? Can’t say I do. I don’t sell shirts (well, I sorta do, but not in any professional kind of way) so I haven’t taken the time to investigate. What about the ones so many others use, like bigcartel and stuff?

    I’m not saying I have the solution, I’m just saying like it is: when it flips over to that Yahoo store, I put away my credit card. All those bad user expericenes with Yahoo usernames and user accounts and failed log-ins over the years… I don’t want nothing to do with them if I can help it. Sorry.

    • hipsandhair says:

      Ya I mean I’ve heard way more horror stories with big cartel than yahoo stores, but haven’t looked into it in a while.

      Sorry about not trusting yahoo, it’s the first I’ve heard anyone tell me this, and maybe other people think it they just don’t let me know.

      Thanks for the post though, and if your credit card ever pops out of your wallet again, I can always do a manual transaction with you via e-mail or phone.


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