Your own story – on a shirt. I love boxie.

I love boxie… it’s a bit of a weird site. At the same time, it reminds me of a lot of other arty shirt projects but at the same time it feels very unique and I can’t help wondering how many shirts this guy sells.

Here’s the idea: you send in your stories, the most inspiring get picked and are used to inspire a few lines of text that go on a shirt, which people can then buy. So, along with every shirt on the site, there’s a story that goes with it. I like that a lot. But at the same time, it makes them very personal and there aren’t very many I’d be comfortable wearing. Then again, all shirts are made to order so maybe that works out in the end.

Have a look around the I love boxie site, but be careful – it’s easy to waste too much time there. You have been warned.

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