Hunger Games shirt

You know, I’m not proud to say this, but I read a lot of trashy books. So what? You can keep your Paul Auster crap and I’ll read the latest Twilight novel (ok, I’ve read them but… nah, even I thought they kinda sucked). I usually read to be entertained and to kill time.

Anyway… one of the most exciting page turners I’ve read lately has got to be the Hunger Games books. Damn, that stuff is exciting! It’s not like I would wear a shirt promoting them, but as book shirts go, not bad. But seriously, get your head out of your stuck-up ass and give the first book a try. It won’t be an intellectual revolution, but it’ll be entertainment for sure. While you’re at it, give Feed a try too (if you dig zombies and excitement).

Oh, and this one is one of them “only available for 5 seconds” shirts so grab it fast if you want it.

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