Don’t touch my breast – I’m just working at my desk

Ah, this brings back memories. Back in the early 90s, I listened to Dirty (and Goo) about a million times. Yeah, that’s right, I was one of ‘those’ guys who discovered the band once they started being on tv. Weridly enogh, that happened when they started writing songs you could actually listen to, not just weird noise. Go figure. Seriously – I’ve tried listening to earlier and later albums and I just don’t like them. Went to see them live and… 20 minutes of feedback? Sorry, doesn’t float my boat exactly. To artsy for me.

But anyway, 2 great, solid albums are a lot more than most bands ever crank out so no worries. I used to have this “dirty” shirt with the album cover on the front and a intentionally smudged “dirty” on the sleeve – I think it was my first ever shirt with anything but a back and/or front print on it and I loved it and wore the shit out of it. I remember wearing it when I went to my first and only deadhead party, somewhere in Illinois, when the guy who drove me home was too stoned to find my house even though he mowed the lawn there three times a week.

This is not a bad band shirt. Not crazy about the font, but I love the fact that you need some prior knowledge to know what it’s about.

Oh, in case you still haven’t figured it out – this is a Sonic Youth shirt. Get it here.


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