Fuck you, ripper!

Aah, damn! Finally there’s some real aggro and controversy in the shirt duckpond and I’m too slow to get it. Well, don’t worry, I’ll still write about it but my initial plan was to just rip off (which is kinda funny in this context) the text at Iamthetrend and not have to write much myself. Turns out they’d been threatened with a lawsuit and removed most of their good writing.

So here’s the beef. Some people design and sell shirts. Others are too lazy or just not talanted enough to design, but still want to sell shirts, so what do they do? They rip off other designers.

Say hi to Brandon Day. His company Invocation Clothing has taken a lot of heat for this. It’s not like I’ve talked to him myself or anything, but the evidence against him seem pretty solid. Apparently, he’s also ripped off the code for his website from Monstemash. Right now, you can’t really check out his site, because they’re “doing maintenance”. Yeah right…

Someone set up this tumblr blog, Fuck You Ripper where there’s a lot of examples of Day and others ripping off designs, here are some examples:

So what’s my standpoint on this? Well… Sometimes I like a good rip-off. When someone does it in a funny way or if it’s David ripping off Goliath, if you know what I mean. Or even sometimes when it’s Goliath ripping off some slightly smaller dude, like my super obvious Obey rip-off I bought at Primark this summer. I still like that, though I’m sure Obey don’t.

But, like… when you rip off small, struggling independent designers… Even I can’t see much good come out of that situation. Except it stirs things up a bit in this sometimes sickening “I’ll lick your balls – you’ll lick mine, say-no-evil” world of t-shirt bloggers. Also, it makes great material for a blog post of course.

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