Abby who? Abby… Normal

Oh wow… another “why am I writing about this ugly shirt” and “I’m sure glad I didn’t see this when I was younger” shirt (and the second phrase answers the first).

I remember watching Young Frankenstein about a million times when I was a kid. We didn’t have very many movies at home but this was one of them and I loved it (in fact, you may have picked up on a quote from the movie headlining a blog post just the other day – talk about coincidences!). And Marty Feldman… he was like the funniest thing I’d ever seen at that time. I watched quite a few of the Mel Brooks movies and loved both Spaceballs and Blazing Saddles (but hated Silent Movie) but none of them could touch Young Frankenstein. I bet I’d hate it if I tried watching it now.

Anyway, if you love Marty like I did back then and if you can live with the font, get the shirt here.

Update: fans of Young Frankenstein might also want to check out this shirt at

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