New shirts – finally!

You know, sometimes, some redneck ass-backwards webshops in the u.s. of a won’t ship outside their own country. I don’t know whether they’re afraid us weirdos from Europe will screw things up or if they just assume international shipping is too complicated for them? Anyway, a few years back, I thought I was smart and ordered some shirts anyway and sent them to my friend Doug, who lives in Ohio, for him to send them on to me. Smart, huh?

Only… Doug didn’t get around to it and I wasn’t exactly reminding him very often so they stayed at his house. A couple of years ago, one of his bands were playing in Poland and we were traveling down there to meet up with them so Doug brought the shirts. On the night of the gig, I refused to accept them from him, I was too drunk and would only have lost them. I told him I’d get them from him the next morning. Except… my hangover erased it from my mind completely and they traveled BACK to America in Dougs pack. Fast forward a couple of years, I guess he got sick of having the shirts at his house and lo and behold, today they showed up at my house!

Yay! Finally! A ZZ top shirt! I love this one, although I’ll still be looking for an Eliminator jersey as well.

NRA! I love the NRA for my own reasons and I went haywire in their webstore.

Yeah! Guns!

Guns AND baseball bats, how great can things be?

There’s only one slight problem though. When I ordered these, I was a great deal bigger and fatter than I am today and even then, I think I may have overdone it a bit. I can go camping in this one…

You know, this is supposedly that classic 3/4 sleeve… I guess my seamstress Lolita will have to earn her money again. No, I’m not kidding, her name really is Lolita.

Only… that means the shirts will be gone for another couple of months (she’s cheap but not very fast)… Jeez!

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