Fuck Cops – Break the Law – Never Talk

Seventh Letter have a whole bunch of new shirts out. Yeah, this is the kind of stuff I like. I know it’s supposedly really immature to not like policemen, and being an ageing, white, middle-class schmuck, I should totally feel that the cops have my back against all the less fortunate and less nice in society, but you know…

Just yesterday I was walking through the park and there was four cops by a park bench, struggling somehow with what looked like a small safe – some sort of metal box with a keypad on the door. It was kinda intriguing, so yeah – I looked. And one of them noticed and he gave me this evil ‘keep walking or I’ll shove my nightstick so far up your ass you’ll be able to taste it’ look and I just… felt that I’m still a long long way from feeling the cops are my friends. Like Hellnation put it; no fan of cops.

But anyway, Seventh Letter, have a look at their stuff, a lot of the new shirts are really nice!

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