Fuck you dolphin!

Neither uglier than fuck shirts nor “funny” shirts are exactly my cup of tea, as you may have realized by now. So why am I writing about a shirt that’s both?

Well, the key here is dolphins. I hate dolphins. Or, rather, I hate the way humans put them on a pedestal (and I use the term ‘human’ loosely here, I really mean “smelly, crystal-gazing, flakey, no-good, shit for brains goddamn HIPPIES). So dolphins have big brains and can be trained, who cares? They’re just as vicious as other animals, more so actually (google dolphins’ tendencies to capture and gang-rape each other and maybe they won’t look so cute next time). So while I’m not advocating eradication and mindless slaughter, I’m not exactly crying for any dolphins caught in tuna nets either.

Buy the shirt aind out more about the struggle against dolphins here.

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