Monsters of Grok

For those about to grok – we salute you! Fake band t-shirts for history’s greatest minds.

You know, I’ve been seing these around for a while and… most people only show a couple of them so not until this morning did I understand that A) there’s LOTS of them and B) they’re made by my darling science defendor Jeremy Kalgreen. So, yeah, now I know I have to write about them. My only question is, what do you do if your favorite scientist has been paired with some hidious hair metal band (I mean, had it been Einstein, he probably deserved it with that hair, but what did Pascal and Watt ever do to deserve this?)?

Ok, I have two more questions:

– Why not just use the band Tesla’s logo as it is. I think that would have been a funny twist, but maybe that’s just me.

– Wouldn’t it have made more sense to use the Hawkwind logo for Hawkins, or isn’t it well known enough?

Anyway, you wanna try to project yourself as a ‘hip nerd’, I guess you should get them here.

Oh, and just so you don’t miss it: another Black Flag rip-off!

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