Pardon me boy, is this the Transylvania station?

Never been much of a gamer myself, my parents bought a pc meant for word processing and not games and after a few attempts at games like Police Quest and Leisure Suit Larry, I pretty much gave in. Sure, I’ve played a few other games like Apeiron, Doom, Duke Nuke’em and Tekken 3, but not in a serious way. I also remember trying out Castlevania on my brother’s GameBoy, but… nah, not for me.

So, I won’t say much about Castlevania, but I will say a few things about Transylvania. Because… to people who live there, it’s just a region, like Wyoming or something. The first thing I saw when I stepped off the train was a huge sign saying “Commercial bank of Transylvania” and I totally flipped! And then, when I walked to the outskirts of town (this was in Cluj Napoca) and saw the big hill with the big hotell and the giant sign saying Hotel Transilvania… I can’t explain it, it really shouldn’t be that bid of a deal, but it was.

Apart from being mythical, Transylvania is also mindblowingly pretty-looking, so… if you ever have the chance – go there! Did they ever build that Dracula land in Sigishoara or did Prince Charles manage to stop them? Go find out for me!

Ah, sorry, forgot: get the shirt here.

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