Fuck corporate media

Well… fuck corporate anything, right? On one hand, it’s really easy to agree with this, thinking of things like Fox News and stuff, but on the other hand… I watch a lot of zombie movies. Like: all I can find, at least all that are made after, say 1988 or so. And, you know… sometimes it’s really nice to watch a high budget big production with good effects, good actors and a good plot. Who cranks out movies like that? Corporate media, I guess you could/would call it. I recently read the two first parts of the Newsflesh trilogy by Mira Grant* (the third hasn’t been published yet, or I would have read that too) about a future where independent bloggers and blogger teams are a major force in the world of news and although they certainly are a factor, we’re not quite there yet, are we? So… yeah, I don’t exactly like corporate anything, but I you won’t catch me wearing this. Nice shirt though (you put “fuck this” and “fuck that” on a shirt and I’m usually inclined to like it, you know…). Get it here.

*Seriously, if you’re into zombies and want a pretty thrilling read, give it a try.

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