Shirts like these make me wanna be gay

…maybe I should just turn this into a Tumblr blog…

How to make friends

Another great shirts for making new BFFs, seen here on Imogen Thomas – former miss Wales winner (the only year a sheep didn’t win it, I guess).

So, you like skulls?

I like skulls. I mean, I don’ like anything you slap an ugly skull onto, but I do have a tendency to like shirts with skulls on them, who doesn’t? I’m wearing one today.

So anyway, Iamthetredn has published another list of “Skull shirts that don’t suck“, 50 of them. I think I’m a bit pickier than this, not all of these are good, but some certainly are, some good enough that I have already featured them, but still…

Black Metal hood

Those face-covering hoodies must be hot as fuck to wear unless it’s in the dead of winter. Plus, wearing for example a skull mask doesn’t get less dorky because it’s attached to your shirt. Still though, if you have to wear one, this one’s the best I’ve ever seen.

Young, dumb and full of cum

Who the hell would wear this shirt? Except, maybe I guess, Blag Dahlia. At least that’s who it makes me think of. This summer, I’ve been listening to two artists and little else. One of them is the baron of country music, trucker country master Dick Curless and the other is Earl Lee Grace. The latter is the bluegrass brainchild of Blag Dahlia, released almost twenty years ago on Man’s Ruin Records but not discovered by me until this year. Earl Lee Grace’s first and only album – Blackgrass – is a fantastic mix of more traditional bluegrass and bluegrass-ey takes on songs by the Dwarves. Anyway, the Dwarves/Earl Lee Grace track “Fuck so good” has the line “well I’m young and I’m dumb and I’m so full of cum”, which brings us back to this shirt. Who the hell would wear it?

Check out Earl Lee Grace on Spotify.

Baby steps

It’s Monday morning and I’m super grumpy so no witty stuff, just a photo I like, ok?

Choir geeks of the world – unite!

So, I first saw a photo of a chicken wearing this shirt and after doing some research I kinda wish I hadn’t. I find this shirt amusing, but it was better when it was a random shirt worn by a chicken than it is now that I know that it’s a shirt sold on some well groomed composers coropate looking site. Well oh well, you can get it here if you like.

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