New York, New Yorker

I have this sneaky feeling I’ve been talking about New Yorker before. If I have, just pretend I haven’t and bear with me. So, anyway, New Yorker is a German clothes store and it didn’t use to exist in Sweden, only in Germany, Poland and other countries where they’re not very good at English. So they used to sell these FANTASTIC shirts with the most bizarre word combos on them and I would try to go there every time I could. Since then, they have hired someone in the design department who speaks English and they now have several stores in Stockholm and all that wacky charm is gone.

But the other day, as I was dismanteling the chest of drawers where I keep my shirts (they’re moving to a newly built cabinet), I found one of my old New Yorker shirts that had fallen down behind the drawers (which had saved it from being thrown away during the time when I was too fat to be able to wear it). So, here it is. Silver print on black, saying “Rockers Tribe Destruction Deluxe”. Okaaaaay…

I love it.

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