CMYK shirts – more inside jokes for designers

If there is one thing people who work with graphic design loves (apart from turtle necks and big-ass glasses), it’s inside jokes that make them feel superior for knowing industry terms. You rarely see this with, say, auto repair people or vacuum cleaner salesmen. Remember the pantone socks? Here’s another color system based apparel joke – the CMYK shirts. Being a web guy, I hate CMYK and hail RGB, but that’s beside the point. I have to admit, these are pretty nice and you can get them here.

(In case you didn’t know, CMYK is a color system and the letters stand for cyan, magenta, yellow and black (yeah, why not CMYB? I have no idea, it probably doesn’t sound cool enough.))

2 Responses to CMYK shirts – more inside jokes for designers

  1. jr says:

    Actually, K is Key Colour, and though it’s usually black, since it’s hard to get a decent black by mixing CMY, and it’s common to print black, like text, where you wan’t a good black. But if you have another colour which is difficult to get exactly right by mixing CMY, you might use that as your K. At least that’s what i was told, when doing a course in computer graphics. But maybe a real printing expert will correct me.

    Just a small nerdy tidbit, and i’m not even a turtle-neck wearing designer! Actually wearing the ammo belt MASSGRAV shirt and hacking VB (yuck, i know…)

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