Bathing suits for gaming perverts (and a few for all you regular perverts too)

Ok, let’s make a short detour from t-shirts and dig in to bathing suites for a while (I’m sure a lot of you won’t object to that). When researching for my beard post, I happened upon this Gameboy themed bathing suite. Yeah, that’s exactly what the world needs – something to push gamers even further into socially inept, drooling weirdo-land. Or… maybe this’ll actually make them focus on something else than what’s inside the suit (although I doubt striking up a conversation about gameboys is a great way to pick up girls, unless you turn to other subjects within seconds). Anyway, for women who want to pick up prosperous geeks to be their sugar daddies, this should be perfect!

Aand, if you’re looking to attract older geeks (or hipper, retro geeks), the Pacman bathin suit’ll be what you want to wear to the beach (since I’m in full speed prejudice mode here: do geeks even go to the beach?). If, for some weird, weird reason, you prefer to attract movie buffs, go for the Jaws suit. Or maybe you just want to remind people of their fear of sharks to ruin their day at the beach. I can personally see that that would be a lot of fun.

Both of the above were made by Black Milk but sadly they don’t seem to be available at the time. The skeleton one, however, is. Check it out.

Aaand, let’s finish off this swimsuit edition with something we’ve looked at before: clothes that kinda make you look naked. Only these are a bit less NSFW, after all, the naughty bits ARE pixellated, right?

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