Punk as fuck!

I found this monstrosity in the window of a “street wear” store a few weeks back as I was walking through the touristy parts of town. Yeah, this is true punk! You’ve got Sid and Nancy, Johnny Rotten, Johnny Ramone and (I think) Joe Strummer. Woah! The worst thing isn’t that this eyesore makes no sense at all or that it goes against everything I think about when you say the word “punk”. The worst thing is that had I found this when I was… say, 14 years old, I probably would have bought it.

You know, back then… I was living in the woods, with absolutely no contact with any “scene” (not that Sweden even HAD that much of a scene in the late 80s), I had no friends with the same musical tastes, and the only shirts I could lay my hands on were Ramones shirts, Sex Pistols shirts and Exploited shirts (and I wasn’t that much of an Exploited fan). I must have had at least 10 Pistols shirts. It didn’t matter how bad they looked, if they were “punk”, I bought them! So… I’m glad this wasn’t available back then.

Speaking of Sex Pistols shirts, H & M have recently been selling a pretty run-of-the-mill shirts with some sort of modified Filth and the Fury artwork. This weekend I walked past a young guy wearing an outlandish gangstah outfit with lots of bling, gigantic sneakers and… that Sex Pistols shirt. I almost turned back to ask whether he even knew it was a band. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t…

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