This war will be won by meat eaters!

Oh… seriously?! That 70s retro style is not for me, but I still love this shirt beyond reason. I’m an avid meat eater and the whole vegetarian or not-question brings out the most chilish me (I know it’s good for you AND the environment – I still love meat).

So, a celebration meat. A shirt to wear while admiring Mark Ryden’s Angel of meat (Google it, it’s worth it). A stand against non-meat eating forces in the world. I just LOVE how they’ve got those dotted butchery lines not only on the pig and the rabbit, but also on the cat! And the axe and knife… nice!

Get it here.

About the people selling this shirt… It’s not exactly the first version of “upload your designs and we’ll let people vote and then we make and sell the winning design”-site I’ve seen, but I do think it’s the first Swedish one.  Most of the other designs are waaay too much “oh, I’m a graphic desiiiignah” for me, but it’s a great initiative.

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