Good luck with that, buddy!

Ah, some optimistic moron on eBay is selling a “rare” Status Quo shirt and is trying to get 30 GBP for it. Ok, so it’s 25 years old but that doesn’t change the fact that A) it’s uglier than hell and B) that was a pretty big tour, I can’t imagine it being that rare.

So why do I bother posting about this? Well, you see… I used to have this shirt. I may still have it somewhere unless my mom has cleaned the attic. I used to be a die-hard Status Quo fan and still like the older albums and I wish I had a good looking shirt of theirs. Unfortunately, they are (and have been for like 30 years) hell-bent on selling the ugliest shirts known to man. Some band are like that, I can’t figure out why. Anyway, I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to wear this so if I still have mine, it’ll stay in it’s box where nobody has to see it. Yuck

eBay auction

One Response to Good luck with that, buddy!

  1. Robin Z. says:

    This is a great looking shirt which is also very rare. Well worth the price.

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