Recycle or Die?

I don’t get this shirt at all. You know, recycling… it’s something you do because it makes sense, because you need to do it, because you’re not a complete asshole. You don’t do it to be cool. And no uglier-than-fuck skull shirt, designed by someone’s well-meaning mother will for one second fool some sloppy kid into believing it’s cool. It’s not. It sucks! You gotta wash all them cans and collect all that shit in separate containers and haul them off to some remote place to dump them. No skull will ever make it cool. This is like making a “bad-ass” shirt with monsters and stuff saying “brushing your teeth is cool”. So yeah, even if it’s kinda true – we need to take some sort of environmental care to be able to survive… this doesn’t work at all. Get this shirt here (or, rather, don’t).

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