Domestic nazism

Ok, I told you there’d be one more nazi post. This is it. See, a few days back, I stumbled upon this outspokenly nazi website (someone jokingly posted a link to one of its items on facebook) and… I just feel you need to see this. We all know there are still nazis today. The are… not nice. We all know that too, so let’s leave that aside for now. But picture your standard neo nazi. I instantly think of the casts from Romper Stomper and American History X, stuff like that. The 1st generation nazis weren’t exactly big and burly and manly always (Hitler, Himmler, Goebbles) but these days it seems the ideology attracts a lot of brutish people. Which makes my finds so… weird.

Anyway, today we’re looking at Aryanwear. I’m not going to link to it, Google it if you feel the need. They cater to nazis, plain and simple. So, they have a lot of what you’d expect. For starters, nazi shirts, some of them esthetically pleasing – no surprise there.

Aaand some shit that make you feel real queezy… like nazi onesies and jokes about Anne Frank.

Then some things that are a bit more out of the ordinary. Nazi boots (apparently made by a well-known manufacturer that doesn’t want anyone to know), nazi panties and Zyklon-B beer steins.

And then… shit just starts spiraling into weird territory. A Waffen SS x-mas sock? A white pride dog shirt? SS napkins? I start getting images of a cozy nazi Christmas somewhere, where they use their best SS china (also available) and listen to… I dunno, White Christmas I guess?

The ‘home decor’ category is just at treasure trove of weirdness. Fleece blankets. Hand towels. I can’t see Hando from Romper Stomper going online to get himself a new hand towel, no matter how freaking nazi they make it. Who buys this? Seriously, I ask this question about a lot of things but… this takes the cake!

And then, when you sit there, kinda giggling at the thought of these cozy nazis sitting by the fireplace, under their snuggly fleece blankets, this pops up:

Nazi soap. Yeah. I know now that the nazis didn’t make soap out of fat from jews, at least not on an industrial level (some people claim there was experimental production, others say there probably wasn’t, that it was just a rumor spread by their opponents already during WWI, I can’t say for sure). But still, that “the nazis made soap out of jews” thing is so deeply rooted in a lot of us, this feels… nasty. And at the same time… damn, that’s good looking soap, right? Why couldn’t some nice people have imagery this good? Why do the good guys always wear ugly clothes and make notes using Comic Sans?

I’ll go to bed now before I say something even more meaningless. Anyway, now you know what those bald guys buy to make their homes nice and welcoming. They are weeeird, I tell you.

2 Responses to Domestic nazism

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  2. Meister Nein says:

    Okay, where can I get the shirts?

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