Nazi bikers

Lately, I’ve been asking myself how much nazi stuff I can post before I get shut down or reported to the Antifa people but… there’s something so fascinating about putting nazi imagery in unexpected places, I can’t help but featuring it. So, revel with me in nazi weirdness and please don’t throw bricks through my windows.

So, again, we’re talking bicycle riders, not bikers of the Harley variety. This. Is. So. Odd. I mean… when the fuck would you wear this. Yeah yeah, when riding your bike, obvously, but I mean… it’s not like you can ride in a race, wearing this. I’m sure there’s a good pun to be had out of the whole race/race thing but my brain is in Monday mode so I’ll just skip that and say that… maybe you can actually wear this in a race somewhere to the east, like Ukraine or something? Or do you wear this at special race-aware nazi bike races? I know I’ll be thinking of this a lot in the upcoming week. If you have a guess, let me know.

And, if for some reason you should feel like you want to, you can get the outfit here.

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