Localized vintage Iron Maiden shirts

Ok, let me start by saying I’m not the world’s biggest Iron Maiden fan. I have a few albums. I have seen them live once. That’s about it. Also, I’m from a small country, so localized shirts probably wouldn’t make much sense here, so no wonder I didn’t know about them. There, enough disclaimers.

Anyway, I was checking out this vendor of vintage band shirts on eBay and started noticing all these localized Iron Maiden shirts and I thought that was great. Can you say “collectible”? I wonder how many of these that have been made? Hell, I wonder how many of these were actually official band merch – some of them look pretty amateurish. But still. Shirts for a specific festival or tour – that’s old news. Special shirts for just one gig (or maybe Maiden does like 10 gigs in a row in New York, I have no idea), that’s cool. I wish I could have had shirts like this from some classic gigs I’ve seen.

Damn, I absolutely LOVE that Miami Vice shirt!

3 Responses to Localized vintage Iron Maiden shirts

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  2. segedo says:

    still available

  3. matt says:

    If they are for sale, I’d be interested

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