Nazi sleepwalkers

Ok, so I don’t know whether Fuscare are just Canadian or if maybe they’re French – the website’s available in both French and Canadian anyway. They don’t have a huge amount of prints and most of the ones they’ve got leave me cold, but this one, the “Sleepwalkers”, that I like. That symbol is great, albeit vaguely similar to some of the more modern nazi/fascist symbols you see floating around. Since this one’s only available as a tank top (which I don’t use), I don’t have to make my mind up about whether to get it or not. But yeah, I really like this one. Get it here.

You know, having re-read the text for this shirt, I think these guys are French. Or are they just demented? Check this out:

Valknutr represents the nine nordic worlds and their entwined nature. Sleepwalkers don’t give a shit, they walk through worlds, like a boss.

When one consciously wears the valknutr, one is saying “it is a good day to die”; you’ve been warned !

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