käärme – this shit’s gettin’ OLD

Käärme. Ok, another hipster brand, flirting with satanism and consumerism and… it doesn’t work at all for me. It’s not enough to slap some horror shit and a few pentagrams on shirts and charge outrageous prices (68 bucks for a fucking t-shirt, give me a BREAK!). Apparently it’s working though, virtually all their stuff has sold out before their shop even opened (they’ve been having some tech difficulties so they were delayed, but still. Oh well, maybe their spring release will be a killer, who knows, but for now I think I’ll put them way down on my watch list.

Still though, if you like run of the mill hipster clothing, this sounds nice:

…ultra soft double-sided 65/35 poly/cotton blend unisex t-shirt. Our shirts are printed using only water-based inks, which eliminates the plastic-y feel that many printed t-shirts have, thus enhancing the “worn-in” quality of the garment.

Also, I remember seeing (I think) a shot of the back of the Todesking shirt and it has the classic todesking sketch, the little skeleton guy. I wonder if they’ve changed that or why it’s not in the shop?

2 Responses to käärme – this shit’s gettin’ OLD

  1. Hal Liebling says:

    I hope my spot is warm ;) We’ve re-stocked the Der Todesking shirts for a/w ’12 and yes, they do have the little skeleton sketch on the back. If you’d like one, shoot us an email (kaarme.concepts at gmail dot com) … I like being ripped a new asshole once in awhile, helps to “clear out my system.” Take care ;)

    • Hal Liebling says:

      I’m not sure if I made it clear that my offer of “if you’d like one” was for free, because I’m in a good mood and feel like sending out a t-shirt at my expense. I can’t guarantee it’s a “fucking t-shirt,” but it won’t be $68, so there’s your BREAK. And no I’m not being a sarcastic prick.

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