Death Squad SS – how to make friends and influence people

If you wear the apparel from Death Squad SS, chances are you’ll get stabbed in the eye before getting the chance to explain that “SS” reads “super sport” and this is a motorcycle parts company. I don’t know though… the nazi flirtations are abundant here, and on a u.s. biker they don’t feel quite as fashion induced and innocent as they do on a skinny NYC hipster.I’m sure these guys are much nicer, but I can’t help thinking of the whole Hoelzer Reich ordeal. Seriously, check the link if you’re not familiar with it. I should write about it myself, but Slackbastard doesn’t leave much for me to add really.

Nice looking stuff though, Death Squad SS.

3 Responses to Death Squad SS – how to make friends and influence people

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  2. Rood says:


  3. Sean says:

    People are way too sensitive . I think you need to get over it . If you don’t like something don’t pay attention to it . The shirt is for motorcycle parts let people be who they are going to be and let people wear what they want to wear . I don’t think it makes the people who get all butt hurt and offended by this stuff any better trying to shut stuff like this down . If it was me I would turn a blind shoulder to it and let it go . This is just bitching about pointless stuff if somebody has a way to make money and are people who will buy it more power to them . Whether I disagree with them or not .

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