Nazi Gold

Let me start with some sort of disclaimer. This whole blog post started out when I read the FANTASTIC headline “Hunting for Nazi Gold with Google Maps” and wanted to steal it and use it myself. So I tried googling “nazi gold”+shirt and… then I found this, and even though this ain’t exactly news and even though it probably breaks all kinds of agreements I have with WordPress, I still wanna post it. We all know asians seem to have a more relaxed attitude towards nazis, right? There are 3d Reich themed bars in Japan and stuff like that. So maybe this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The 2008 spring and summer collection, referred as the “SIEG HELL” collection, was an inspiration taken from the official salutation of the Nazis during World War II.

The symbol of the Nazi regime is interpreted through the brand’s logo, using the letter “S” placed in the form of a swastika.

I like bold shirts. I like offensive shirts. I still get a bit sweaty just by looking at that damn Sieg Heil shirt. Damn!

And then, if this wasn’t bad enough, you crown your nazi clothes line with a shirt saying “unfinished business”. Holy crap. Never again tell me that us westerners are insensitive to other people’s culture. This is like rolling into Tokyo with a parade float full of mimes that re-enact the tsunami and the nukes disaster, with 5000 lauging americans all wearing “that serves you right for Pearl Harbor” shirts marching behind it. Or something…

Another minor issue I have: if you’re gonna make nazi shirts, why not use the great nazi graphics instead of these very american style designs? I mean, if it was something nazis were good at, it was branding, design and propaganda. Well, that and killing people. They should have just started an agency or a clothing company instead…

More info here

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