FINALLY, nice beer merch!

Seriously, I’ve lost count at how many brewery and distillery websites I’ve trawled through in hope of a nice shirt being available. So many of them (especially the breweries) have really nice logos but crap merch. “Let’s make the logo miniscule and stick it on an ugly polo shirt. No, wait, wait, let’s only put it on an outdoorsy jacket, so ugly it’ll hurt everyone’s eyes.”. There are numerous beer brands I would love to advertise by wearing their logo proudly on my chest but they don’t make it easy for you.

So, when I found this very very good-looking beer during my last visit to Germany, I didn’t expect much when visiting their website shop. But lo and behold! Rothaus from the Black Forest have a visual profile so great that I even want their sexually ambivalent bicycle shirts! And the multitude! Billions of different glasses, all the gear you need for you home bar, outdoors stuff (not so great) and even toy train wagons. Feast your eyes:

One Response to FINALLY, nice beer merch!

  1. Anonymous says:

    try hobgoblin brewery in Oxfordshire (England dude, England)

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