Thank you, Gordon Shumway!

Oh, man, ALF! You know, I remember so well when this show started airing on Swedish TV and I just thought it was the greatest! I bet it would kinda suck if I watched it again now, so I’m not gonna. I’ll just let it live like a great show in my memories. Oh, I can still hear that over-produced, slick theme song in the back of my mind now… And there are other things I like about ALF too, like that episode where he lip synced to Bob Seeger’s Old time rock n roll, I had never heard that before and thought it was fantastic. Also, my dad’s name is Alf, so the 10 year me thought it was hillairous that his name meant “Alien life form”! And finally, don’t forget, ALF’s nosy neighbor gave name to one of the best bands to pop up in a long time, the Okmoniks – check em out!

I would totally wear this if it wasn’t white. Err… well, maybe I would. Probably not though to be honest. But I like ALF. Available at H&M stores, probably worldwide but in Sweden for sure.

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