To all Americans reading this – a word if you please

Actually, not to ALL americans, just to the ones of you who design shirts (although it won’t hurt the rest of you to hear it either). Anyway, here goes: We get it, alright? Your ancestors came to the new world, killed, raped and cheated the natives, threw out the brits and started your country. You are very proud of this. Contrary to what you may believe, most people in the civilized world know about this. No need for even one single “Don’t tread on me” shirt to ever be designed, made or worn again.

And yes, this also applies to any viking related apparel in scandinavia, although I don’t know very many who are super proud of the viking activity that went on a thousand years ago*.  The american heritage hype is related to events that are a bit more recent but come on – the declaration of independence was signed in 1776 for cryin out loud and it’s not like your country has been under any real threat since then, is it?

There’s a lot that could be said about this, but I guess I just wanted to rant about how sick of this u.s. heritage pride shit I am. If you love it, I guess Declaration is who you should be buying your clothes from – at least theirs are good looking.

“Declaration retells our national epic of a ragtag group
of freedom fighters who transformed thirteen loosely connected colonies
into the land of the free and the home of the brave — the land we all
know and love — the United States of America. Declaration Clothing
strives to keep the fascinating stories and traditions of the
American Revolution alive through the medium of apparel.
Declaration Clothing Co. is inherently “All-American”, with each and
every shirt hand-printed right here in the United States.

Give. Me. A. Fucking. Break.

* Only tourists buy those ugly viking shirts anyway.

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