Dead Elvis

You know, sometimes you want a band shirt because you love the band so much. Actually, that’s why you want them most of the time, I guess. But sometimes, someone gives their band such a damn good name you want to buy their shirts just because you love the name so much. I spotted the Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave shirt on the left at the Dwarves show* in Düsseldorf this Sunday and I like it a lot. Together with Children McNuggets and AIDS wolf, it’s the best name I’ve come across this year. I have absolutely no idea what they sound like, follow the link above to find out, I guess.

*The show kicked seven kinds of ass but the merch table was somewhat of a disappointment. No white “Blood, guts and pussy” shirt and the only one with “Fuck you up and get high” printed on the back had an ugly front print. Bummer. Still, I have two of their shirts already so I’ll get by somehow I guess…

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