More shirts for book buffs

Shirts inspired by books. I’ve talked about them before and it seems they are getting more frequent and I must say I’m not surprised. The books you read is just as much an identity maker as the music you listen to so why not flaunt it. Also, in this day and age of audio books and iPads, I bet pirate downloads are starting to hurt writers a bit too – maybe we’ll see more writers start selling shirts and other merch in the future (I’ll return to this subject at a later date, I hope, because there’s plenty to be said).

Miles to go have been around for a while but I haven’t been super impressed with their early efforts. When I look at their shop now though, there are a lot of really really good shirts. They cover a wide array of classic writers, From Cervantes, Poe and Carroll to Stephen King(!). Luckily for me they steer clear of any of my favorite writers or I’d be breaking out my billfold right now.

2 Responses to More shirts for book buffs

  1. who are some of your favorite writers?

  2. Ooh, that’s a tough one. Here are some of them:

    Neil Stephensson
    Douglas Coupland
    Robertson Davies
    John Irving
    William Gibson
    Patrick Rothfuss
    Scarlet Thomas
    Ben Elton
    Bill Drummond (& Mark Manning)
    D.B. Drumm
    Robin Hobb
    Sergein Lukyanenko
    Simon Morden
    Cory Doctorow

    and many, many others – those are the first ones to come to mind though

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