Metallica Monopoly

Ok, seems like I’ll be talking about mostly non-shirt things today but what the hell, I can’t just see things like this pop up and not mention them.

We’ve talked about dumb-ass things like black metal wine and Motörhead skis, but I guess it’s only natural that the most bozo-like band of them all come up with the dumbest merch I think I’ve ever seen (and yes, that includes the Hammerfall condoms with “let the hammer stand” printed on the packaging): Metallica Monopoly. Scheduled to go on sale in ‘tallica’s webstore next week, this is another classic case of “we need to keep a record of who buys this so we can take away their rights in society”.

Back in MY day, bands would sell:
Satin scarves
Tour programmes

They would not sell:
Board games

I know it’s a classic grumpy old man thing to do to claim things used to be better back in the day, but if you have a look at those two lists I think you’ll have to agree with me.

“Collectors edition” my ass; more like “Idiot edition”.

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