Noisy, industrial and crossing the line

I love odd band shirts, weird shirts, shirts with bands you’ve never heard of that have freaky names that make you go “what?” and  with graphics that make them impossible to wear at work.

So, if I hadn’t found industrial music and noise (what I’ve heard of it) pretty boring, I would have loved Post Mortem to death. Or would I? Some of these shirts are not for the faint hearted. With names like “Final Solution” and “Nurse with wounds”, lots of weird sex and a The Grey Wolves shirt ripe with nazi aesthetics, I’m not sure I’d be buying much anyway. But I have to admit, they’re ballsy shirts and some of them, like the Vivenza one, look great.

Buy these if you feel like upsetting people and that “skull and boners” Dwarves shirt just won’t suffice. Get that The Grey Wolves Catholic Priests Fuck Children record while you’re at it too…

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