Manly movie shirts

…as in “shirts from manly movies”. First up, a shirt inspired by “Escape from New York” (and, for some reason, also the crappy sequel (which features one of the worst attempts at special effects that I’ve ever seen, when Snake surfs a giant wave through L.A.)) this Plissken shirt… well, to be honest I probably wouldn’t wear this but I like the first movie a lot and I must say I’m surprised we don’t see more Plissken shirts instead of five billion Star Wars shirts. Get it here (it’s on sale today too)!

Next up, this one I really really like. And it’s not only because I’m currently listening to nothing but trucker country (ask me nicely and I’ll share my magnificent YouTube playlist) but also because this shirt really requires you’re in the know – otherwise you’ll just think it’s another Superdry-ish shirt and I like that a lot. Shirts that requires previous knowledge – yum (I think it’s the elitist in me rearing its ugly head here but what can I do?). Get it here.

(don’t know what movie it’s from? Follow the link to find out). Seriously, check out that guys shirts, I could easily have made this a very long post with shirts inspired by The Lost Boys, The Running Man, Conan and others. Too bad I’m so lazy!

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