Vintage monster truck shirt

You know, there are some shirts I go hunting for online again and again. I look for vintage 70’s Japanese brand merch shirts (but rarelly find anything remotely like what I’ve envisioned), I look at vintage ZZ top jerseys (but realize I can’t afford them) and I look for monster truck shirts. Now, I know there just MUST be tons of them out there. Monster truck derbys have been a huge thing for decades, they HAVE to have had shirts made for them, and I want one. However, I’ve come up depressingly short so far. You want a Gravedigger shirt, sure – no problem, but try finding an original Bigfoot shirt. It’s hard.

Here’s one I found on Etsy. I like the print but not the shirt so I’m giving you the heads up instead. Get it here. I’ve gotta warn you though, it ain’t cheep.


You know, I just knew this was gonna happen. I complain in public about not being able to find authentic vintage monster truck shirts online and they will pop up instantly. So yeah, this one’s pretty sweet. Is it worth 45 bucks? I dunno, all I know is I’d be afraid to wear it, having spent that much on it, so… I’ll pass on this one too. Get it here, while it’s still around.

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