Dog Vader

Seriously: What. The. Fuck?

There is something very wrong with people who feel the urge to dress up their pets in “funny” costumes (even those things that protect hairless dogs from the cold look fucking stupid but I guess there’s some sense to that, even though I’ve never seen the point of having pets in the first place). These people should find some other way to deal with their obvious mental deficiencies. I’m no great advocate for animal rights (I believe in them but I don’t really fight for them) but this is too cruel. Where are those A.L.F. people when REAL crimes against animals are being committed (I’n not talking Gordon Shumway here, but Animal Liberation Front, just thought I’d clairify that)?

Another group of people that need help a.s.a.p. is Star Wars fans. I mean, come the fuck on people – those damn movies aren’t THAT great! Sorry. They’re just… not. Go focus your geeky fandom on something that’s at least well made.

Anyway, this instrument of animal mental torture represents the worst possible outcome of these two sad groups of people overlapping. Where’s the UN when you need them?

DON’T get it here!

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