Chirstian t-shirts

This is Laura Dillon. She has been saved by God. At the moment, Laura is trying to raise 5000 USD (yeah…) to get into business, printing shirts with bold and readable christian slogans on them. If you go to her page on, you can hear her talk about this in her chirpy, cheerful little voice.

On one hand, I like this. A) because I think a lot of modern christian shirts suck long hairy ass, designwise, so trying to rectify that would be a good idea and B) it’s nice to see shirts that mean stuff to people wearing them, not just “cool designs and also C) because I suppose it’s a cool thing to start your own business (although begging strangers for all the cash for it reduces the gutsiness quite a huge bit).

On the other hand… I am against all kinds of religion and hate people who try to enlist you into their goblin belief army. I also think Laura’s designs are pretty awful.

So, if you’re reading this Laura, I think you may be on to something because, frankly, the opposition is really weak and there’s like a billion christian nuts out there who’d probably love to wear your ugly shirts. However, I won’t be buying any of them. They’re not crazy enough, I only like rolling-eyes snake-handler crazy christian shirts. Sorry.

– I suspect if we wanted you to come in then we would have said something like –
“Hi, Christian, come in”. But we didn’t, did we, so why don’t you take a running jump with yourself in a lake.
/Rick, the Young Ones
(yeah, this is not very related, just started thinking of it and… what the hell, it’s MY blog)

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