Fuck trailer queens

Stating in my previous post that I’m not into car culture, I remembered this old shirt of mine. This harks from the days when I was an avid reader of Gearhead Magazine (the music (the issue where they had the Donnas on the split 7″, more precisely) drew me in, the great writing got me interested in cars and car fanaticism). Anyway, they had this piece about Billetproof (who is some sort of car nut organization for people who like cars that are meant to be driven, not just displayed, which I dig).

I had a look at their webstore and found a shirt I liked that said “Loud, Dirty and Ugly” or something similar that I wanted and then I also ordered this one for good measure. Now, it said on the website they’d contact you about the extra cost for overseas shipping but they never did. In fact, I didn’t hear from them for a long long time. Then, suddenly one day this shirt arrives with a note saying the other shirt was sold out and they’d kept the money for that to cover the extra shipping charges. Short of just stealing my money, I think this is pretty much the shittiest way imaginable to treat your customers. So… fuck trailer queens and fuck Billetproof, I say.

…and no, that’s not what made me drop the car scene. I just got tired of it. Oh, and a “trailer queen” is a car that gets towed on a trailer between car shows because it’s too valuable to drive. Fuck ’em!

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