For Swedish eyes only!

Ok, who am I kidding here? I write this in English more because I enjoy it than because I envision a widely international group of readers. Still, I suppose there’s an off-chance some of you are from other countries so I usually try to keep things international here. Not this time though. These shirts are very very Swedish, I’m afraid.

“Morfar suger Gud”. If you haven’t read Nikanor Teratologen’s Äldreomsorgen i övre Kågedalen, this will probably seem like an odd shirt to you. Then again, even if you have read it, it may still seem weird. Teratologen is very much the odd one out of Swedish authors, too weird for me even, I’ve only read Äldreomsorgen and left it at that. Others, like Indy (pictured here) hold him in very high regard. Maybe it’s just me not being intellectual enough, that wouldn’t surprise me much. Great shirt though, the way you need prior knowledge to understand it and even if you don’t, it’s still provocative. The design… well, we’ll let that slip for now.

This one… it feels daunting to even start explaining it in a way non-Swedes would understand, maybe I’ll just skip it this once, ok? COOP currently have some nostalgic Blåvitt products on sale: cups, bowls, trays and stuff, and this shirt, saying “T-tröja” (which is what Swedes called t-shirts back when mammoths roamed the earth (the 70s). Ugly as sin, but impossible not to love for us old people who grew up with EVERYTHING being designed like this. It was the Muji of the 70s!

No “get it here” links today, for obvious reasons.

One Response to For Swedish eyes only!

  1. Anna-Karin says:

    Hej! Finns det något sätt jag kan få tag på den där t-shirten, Morfar suger gud? Nån som vill sälja…?
    Ha det fint!

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