How to distress shirts at home

Maybe you’re like me: maybe you’re not all that fond of brand spanking new shirts with glistening, perfect white print on a rich and dark, soft fabric*. Maybe you too prefer cracked off-white print on a threadbare, graying shirt with holes here and there and deodorant stains decorating your pits. Who knows?

If you’re in my camp, you might wanna check this out. It goes to 11, the blog of Founditemclothing, are launching a series of articles on how to distress your own shirts. In a way, this feels like cheeting, but since this comes from a guy who always adds fake distress cracks to every shirt print I design you probably shouldn’t listen too much to me. Read part 1 here.

* Ok, ok, soft and thick material is nice too, but you feel kinda dweeby to wear a shirt that SCREAMS “brand new”. Shooes, on the other hand, I love that with shoes, I wish they could look new and out of the box this morning for as long as they last.

One Response to How to distress shirts at home

  1. LesSavyTrav says:

    Thank you so much for the post. Love the site and its comprehensive approach to the world of tees… keep it up!

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