Fuck you AND the expensive shirt you rode in on!

So, this is Gardar Eide Einarsson. He’s an artist. An aaaartist. From Norway. Yesterday, I accidentally ate lunch in the café of the gallery where he’s exhibiting at the moment. Not something I normally do, no.

Anyway, I saw this shirt in the museum shop and thought it was a good shirt. So I had a look and asked how much it was and when I made a face at the price of 72 USD, the lady primly told me it was a strictly limited run of 150. Well, I have shirts that are much more limited than that that cost me about a fourth of that price, lady. The truth here, of course, is that this shirt was made for people who love art (as in “aaaart”) and who for some reason thinks that makes 72 bucks an ok price for a shirt. Fuck that.

Then I flipped through the catalogue for the show and you know what Gardar? If you’re making aaart with u.s. flags, “liberty or death” and all that shit, you might want to spell organize “organize” and not “organise”. Or maybe that is also some conceptual aaart thing I’m just not fit to grasp? You do live in New York (of course) after all…

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