Salt and fat

Salt and fat. My two enemies in the struggle not to turn into Jabba the Hut. Ok, salt, fat and beer probably, but anyway. This shirt is not just a warning to all us over-eaters though, it advertises the food blog Salt & Fat so check it out. The shirt? Get it here.

Not that I’m dissing food bloggers or anything (although I usually tire of their blogs quite fast), but this made me think of the following quote from

anytime anyone refers to themselves as a ‘foodie’ I want to knock their fucking teeth out
oh you like to eat food that tastes good? congratufuckinglations. blog about it!

Here’s another food blog related shirt for ya’ll this beautiful Friday nite. You know, this really isn’t all that far-fetched. Given a nice piece of crispy bacon, you’re bound to wanna praise the lard, right? Get it here.

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