American Hardcore

Ok, here’s the background: A while back, this guy named Stephen Blush wrote a book about American Hardcore called – you guessed it – American Hardcore. Now, I’ll come right out and tell you at once: I have not read this book. I want to, but I haven’t. Yet. I have, however, listened to an interview with Stephen on the excellent radio show Radio Like You Want, which I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who likes punk rock-ish music and the rantings of Blag the Ripper (who is one of the hosts). So anyway, that’s what tipped me off. Not only did Stephen write this book, he also gathered what he considers to be the most important songs of that era and they’re available from his website, downloadable for free (although you have to get them one by one, which takes forever – take it from me, I’ve done it).

So, so far everything is great. Seems like a good book, written by a nice guy. However… when it comes to merch, like so many others, Stephen doesn’t keep the same high level of quality. Ok, so maybe you could squint and be nice and say that this shirt is in the true old school style, but… nah. It’s just plain ugly. I see where it’s coming from, it may sound like a good idea, putting a bunch of classic logos on one shirt, but sometimes when you try something out and it doesn’t work, you need to have the courage to kill your darlings.

Ok, no more complaining. Check out the book, buy it, download the tracks, listen to Radio Like You Want and… yeah, that’s all I think.

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