More literary shirts – and great tragedy!

Making literary shirts seems all the rage these days: I’ve already featured Shirtspeare and Out of Print and now we’ve come to The Affair. With shirts by all kinds of writers I’m not cultural enough to have read, but also a bunch I have read (and no, not just Douglas Adams), they’ve been inspired by the works of everyone from Jean-Paul Sartre to Kurt Vonnegut. Nice stuff too, certainly not too obvious – you have to know the work in question to understand what the shirt’s about (I love stuff like that) OR cheat and look at the very very nice printed label on the inside of the shirt, which features a quote from the book.

So, is there nothing negative to say about this. Of course there is, I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t complaining, right? Here’s my gripe with The Affair: they made a fucking wonderful William Gibson/Neuromancer shirt and they didn’t print enough copies of it, so when I finally found the website, it was sold out. Tragedy, I tell ya! Damn! I hope you learn your lesson: if you see something you like here, pick it up fast!

5 Responses to More literary shirts – and great tragedy!

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  2. thanks for the post, and especially if the only criticism is our stock levels, then we must be doing something right :) anyway just wanted to say that Mighty Dub is back in stock. We normally don’t reprint but we found some more hiding under a pile of books… But hurry, they will be gone again very soon –

  3. ummm just saw your later post about it being back in stock… thanks again for all the love! have you seen our latest drop ‘Behemoth’ inspired by Bulgakov’s ‘The Master and Margarita’?

  4. Just to let you know that we’re finally reprinting our ‘Mighty Dub’ T-shirt inspired by William Gibson’s Neuromancer! We’ve got a Kickstarter project to raise the funds and we need your help! Pls share –

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