Beerdrinkers and hellraisers (and something else completely)

I must confess I totally don’t get this at all whatsoever. Ok, it’s Saturday nite and I’m not exactly sober, but I have a feeling I won’t be getting it Monday morning either. An entire brand who’s only purpose is to let the wearers of its shirts tell people they love beer. Hey buddy, if you need a shirt to let people know, you probably don’t like beer half as much as I do. And I’m not even one of those tedious “oh, I looove beer” people who go on and on about micro breweries and the wonderful hoppy-ness of beer. I let my drinking do the talking.

To make things worse… I dare you: try to find ONE single person in the product photos you don’t instantly feel like throwing up on. I dare you!

Brewed Life

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