Keep calm and…

You know, as I’ve told you before, I really liked the original “Keep calm and carry on” shirt – both for its clean design and for the sheer british-ness of it. Bombs raining down, courtesy of the Luftwaffe? Never mind, stiff upper lip, some more tea, old chap? Anyway, I digess…

Since then, everyone and his dog has been putting out “funny” variations of this, and I mean everyone. It’s like people see this thing and go “wait, wait, I’ve got one too” and never stop for a second to think about whether it’s actually funny or not.

Having said that, here’s one I kinda enjoyed though. Would have looked better without the hand controller IMHO, but never mind, it’s not like I’m getting it or anything (because remember folks, computer games are for KIDS!). The last time I “respawned” was back in 1997 or so, playing Starcraft.

Get it (for your kid) here.

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