Beyond Patriotism

I just discovered that Beyond Retro has an outlet close to my workplace, so I slipped in for a quick look while out for lunch, so to speak. Now, normally Beyond Retro are a bit to Hipster-ish for my taste, but they still had a couple of patriotic shirts I really liked. Unfortunately (or, if you ask my wife, fortunately) the price was too high so I let them hang. I’m not quite prepared to pay designer-wear prices for washed out charity shirts just because they’re from the u.s.

Still though, DAMN nice shirts!

2 Responses to Beyond Patriotism

  1. NIkki says:

    Well… I could look for some nice US shirts for ya. Anything specific you are looking for?

  2. Mainly over-the-top patriotism – preferably a mix of military themes, flags and the eagle. But I’m so picky, I think I’d just end up pissing you off. Thanks for the offer though.

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